Welcome 🙂 let me give you a little info regarding what this blog will be all about!

During a trip my husband and I took around the world, I noticed a tragically common theme – there was so much trash. Everywhere.  It not only was disturbing as holiday-makers, but even more disturbing was the fact that it didn’t seem like much was being done about it.

In these countries, which I won’t call out specifically here, there tended to be a lot of corruption – and whilst citizens may have been paying for trash-collection services, the money for these services would often go into pockets instead.  I will also add that majority of the trash that was created came from food, drinks, and other household items.

In this scenario, I think we can only blame the end-user so much. The infrastructure and the system of purchasing throw-away items, in all sorts of plastic packaging, makes purchasing and disposing of this waste extremely unavoidable. In order for there to be a real change, we need to change the entirety of the system that creates the waste in the first place.

So – what I have decided to do, before trying to take action and spark change myself, is try to live a lifestyle where I don’t create any trash. I want to see just how difficult it is in the current system we operate in. I want to see what is already being done, and where there are impossibilities.

This is my journey on creating a life of zero trash. Wish me luck! Thank you for following along.

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